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Item Size 250 500 1000 2500 5000
CA4010 Up to 1-1/2" 5.78 5.22 4.94 4.62 4.50 A
CA4012 Up to 1-3/4" 7.26 6.54 6.18 5.78 5.64 A
KT6040 Up to 1-1/2" 6.94 6.38 6.10 5.78 5.66 A
Optional Imprint on Reg Key Tag Card - 0.60 0.56 0.52 0.50 A

CA4000 Series - Die Struck Brass Key Tags

Standard Finish: Antique Bronze.

Tooling: 1 sided $450.00(G) & up. 2 sided $690.00(G) & up. Custom shape: $375.00(G) & up. Actual tooling charges will be quoted after receipt of artwork.

Optional Finishes: Contact Factory.

Color: Spray Matte $1.50(A) plus $45.00(G) outside stencil. Epoxy Colorfill: $1.50(A) & up, per color, depending upon area.

Standard Attachments for Key Tags: #11 Hammered Split Ring, #12 Smooth Split Ring, #13 Figure 8 Split Ring.

Optional Attachments for Key Tags: #15 Split Ring with 4-link Chain $.30(A). #20 Small Split Ring Connector $.50(A).

Packaging: Individual Polybag. Gift Box available; Click Here. Registered Key Tag comes with stock card.

Pre-production Sample Charge: $75.00(G) plus tooling charge.

Lead Time: Sample 3 – 4 weeks. Production 3 – 4 weeks after sample approval.

KT6040 Registered Key Tags Include: Consecutive numbering up to 6 digits & Stock card. Please indicate beginning number sequence on registered key tags. For exact sequential or specific numbering, an additional charge will apply. Contact factory.

Set up for Black Address Imprint on Registered Key Tag Card: $65.00(G). NOTE: Absolute Minimum of 500pcs for Imprinted Stock Card. Contact Factory for Custom Card Pricing.

Made in USA
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