Economical Die Struck Brass Lapel Pin with Up to 4 Piercings Click to Enlarge

Item Size 300 500 1000 2500 5000
3675-1 Up to 3/4" 2.50 2.10 1.72 1.46 1.32 A
3675-2 Up to 1" 3.14 2.68 2.24 1.94 1.76 A
3675-3 Up to 1-1/4" 3.88 3.36 2.82 2.46 2.24 A

3675 Series - Economical Die Struck Brass Lapel Pin with Up to 4 Piercings

Price Includes: Die Struck Brass Lapel Pin; Bright Gold or Bright Silver finish; Up to 4 Piercings; Military Clutch; Burr Nail; Individual Polybag.

Additional Piercings: $.10(A) per additional hole plus $25.00(G) Die Charge per additional hole.

Die Charge: $190.00(G) will be waived upon completion of order for minimum 300 pieces.

Pre-Production Sample Charge: $75.00(G) plus Die Charge; 3 weeks Lead Time.

Order Production: 3 - 4 weeks after sample approval.

Numeral Incising: $.40(A) plus $25.00(G) Set-Up Charge per Numeral Change.

Zipper Pull Attachment: $.64(A).

2nd Military Clutch Attachment: $.16(A).

Pin Back Attachment: $.52(A).

Deluxe Dome Top Clutch Attachment: $.66(A).

Deluxe Flat Top Clutch Attachment: $.66(A).

Tie Tack with Bar & Chain Attachment: $1.72(A).

2 piece Round Magnet Attachment: $1.40(A).

.02 Synthetic Stone (1.5 - 2mm): $1.50(A).

Goldtone or Silvertone Tie Bar Attachment: $3.00(A).

Goldtone or Silvertone Cufflink Attachment (set of 2): $2.40(A).

Goldtone or Silvertone Wine Charm Ring & 2 Beads: $1.04(A).

Standard Cell Phone Loop: $.56(A).

Braided Cell Phone Loop: $.84(A).

Small 2pc Plastic Box: 1-1/8" square or 1-5/16" square $.70(V).

NOTE: We must be notified prior to ordering if this product will be shipped to or distributed in the state of California.

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